Staldren® is a powdered hygiene agent that has a wide application spectrum from moisture and odor to bacteria and fungal spores.


Apply it on the following:

  • Puppy nets
  • Nesting boxes
  • Puppy hospital

Delivered in bags of 25 kg.


Article number: 922 0400 1100

Using Staldren® decreases the growth conditions for fly and flea larvae.


For mink, Staldren® is used as follows:

When preparing the nesting boxes for the birth period, 50 - 100 g Staldren® are sprayed under the trap to ensure a dry and clean environment.


If you use a feed inlay, also spray Staldren®  under the block.


If it's necessary to clean the straw/shavings out of the nesting box, apply Staldren® again. Use Staldren® 1 - 3 times a week on the moist areas of the puppy nets, to ensure a dry environment, then the puppies will reach the drinking ventiles sooner.


If there are problems with greasy puppies, use Staldren® every day on the puppy, in the nesting box and on the female's paws until the problem is resolved.


After the puppies are put out, apply Staldren® on a regular basis, thereby decreasing the growth conditions for bacteria and pests.


At most times there are good opportunities for bacteria and pests to develop in warm nesting boxes, therefore it is important to prevent this by continually use Staldren®. This way you will also reduce the overall infection level on the farm to ensure a high level of health.


Staldren® is delivered in bags of 25 kg.