Optimizing your success

- with our efficient mink farming solutions


Thyrrestrup is a family business with a great deal of experience and knowledge regarding mink farming.


We have used this knowledge to develop and produce a variety of tools and devices that can help you in your everyday work on your farm.


All our products are thoroughly tested on our Test Farm, which means we know every detail of our products.


Our emphasis lies on producing efficient quality products that work - and we know what we are talking about. We have a great insight in our customers' needs and we never compromise on quality or service, only the best is good enough.


Thyrrestrup is a partner you can trust.


As one of our customers put it: “when you deal with Thyrrestrup, you know that a deal is deal and you can always count on them to deliver on time”.



Thyrrestrup is a family owned and run company. At Thyrrestrup, the solution to any problem is never far away. We have proven for more than a decade that we are capable of developing and producing tools and other solutions for mink farms. Our knowledge comes from our experiences with our very own farm. We know what is expected of our products and how to develop tools that work perfectly in everyday work on a mink farm. All of our products are thoroughly tested before going into production.


We have used our knowledge of mink breeding to create products that work and we know what we are talking about, because we use all of our products in our product line ourselves. We can vouch for our products. We are specialized in building state of the art mink sheds from our Thyrrestrup concept which ensures the best possible conditions for the animals and at the same time ensures a pleasant work environment.

We only use top quality materials at reasonable prices and we are known throughout the business for our reliability. Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied and assist them in boosting their business.


We have a very flat and project oriented organization where everybody is in daily contact with each other. At Thyrrestrup, it is a must that everybody helps each other until the job is done and the customer is satisfied. In our modern, dynamic and exciting company, the tone is friendly and informal.


Thyrrestrup is a consolidated company in a booming development. The company consist of several divisions:


Building division:

  •  Established in 2000, the division sells and builds mink sheds all over Denmark.

Inventory and equipment:

  • Established in 2002, the division produces tools and equipment for mink farms.

Blacksmith division:

  • Established in 2000 and produces materials used in production. In 2009 the production was extended to include stainless steel.

R&D division:

  • Established in 2000 and located in our original production and office facilities.

Fence division:

  • Established in 2012, our team delivers and installs fences in Denmark, primarily around mink farms.


We always focus on customer satisfaction, and the expert knowledge we have acquired at Thyrrestrup gives us an insight and understanding of our customers' needs in their every day work. We listen to our customers and never take compromises with our products or services. This is why our customers are pleased and satisfied. Are you next?