Trolley for EUR-pallet

- With the Euro-pallet Trolley, it will be much easier to push heavy EUR-pallets around on your farm

  • Steering wheels help keep the direction and prevent collision with nesting boxes.
  • It has a good stability.
  • It is easy to maneuver.

On our Test center, the Euro-pallet Trolley proved to be the perfect cart to help with the daily work.


Size LxWxH: 120x80x48 cm, 60 kg.


The trolley is designed for EUR pallets. It is stable and easy to maneuvre, even with a heavy load.


The special guidance wheels on each side of the front helps to avoid collisions with the breeding boxes.


Wheel and wheel fork have high quality ball bearings. The cart has detachable handles so it can be loaded from 3 sides.


The EUR pallet trolley has a variety of applications:

  • Administering and collecting of:
    • Nest plates 
    • Puppy net
    • Masonite plate
    • Transport boxes
  • When the puppies are born, you can put a frame on the pallet and use it as a straw cart.