Tilting plate

- Effectively solves the problem of mink that don't relieve themselves into the slurry trench


The tilting plate is inserted into the middle of the cage, so the plate stands slanted and the mink can tilt it from one side to the other.


Insert it immediately after the problem is detected (preferably within one week of release) for maximum effect.The tilting plate stops approx. 90 % of mink from relieving themselves into the wrong end, if inserted after a maximum of 5 days. After 10 days only 60 % will be stopped, and if you wait for 2 weeks, the tilting plate only has an effect on 20 % of the mink.


Manufactured as a 10 mm PEHA plastic plate.


Article number: 225 0325 0600 96

To solve the problem of mink relieving themselves into the troughs, we experimented with tilting plates in our Testcenter. It was a great success, because with our tilting plates in the cages, we managed to stop approx. 90 % of the mink from relieving themselves on the wrong end of the cage.


The tilting plate sits in the middle of the cage, where two long pins are stuck through the bottom cage net. Now the plate can tilt from side to side and stand slanted inside the cage.


It is very important to insert the tilting plates as soon as the problem is detected - if it goes on for too long, it will continue to do so.