Straw trolley

- Avoid dust and noise when you assign straw

  • With the Straw trolley you can assign straw without having to use a dust mask
  • Using the Straw trolley brings the end to dust and noise throughout the hall when assigning straw

- Easy and simple to use

  • Can be used by anyone, regardless of experience
  • The Straw Trolley steers itself and rolls so easily that it only needs a slight tap to push it forward

Space for 90 x 180 cm straw bale


Measurements LxWxH: 240x93x120 cm, Weight: 70 kg.


Article number: 340 0920 2350

An advantage of the Straw trolley, as we have learnt from our Testcenter, is that it is possible to check on the animals while assigning straw.


The Straw trolley has a good working height so you do not harm your back. The trolley is stable and easy to push around, in fact so easy that anyone can use it regardless of how much or little experience they have. In our Testcenter, every single one of us has been able to use the Straw trolley effortlessly. We have installed the steering wheel at the end to avoid bumping into nesting boxes.


When you assign the straw as it is - other than using a chopper - you avoid all the dust that would otherwise be released when handling straw. That means you can avoid having to use a dust mask.

The vehicle has many uses. Use it to assign straw, check the puppies and nests under the puppy or distribute and collect many different things on the farm.



  • Ball bearings and stainless axles
  • Tires with 6 layers of canvas. Tire pressure is 105 psi.