Straw collector

Removes all straw at once.

  • Compact structure that provides good visibility and good driving and working properties.
  • High performance - even on small skids.
  • Can be mounted on any type of skid.
  • Removes the straw at once, leaving a neatly cleaned aisle.
  • Doesn’t push the straw - all is pressed into the machine.
  • Large collection capacity.
  • Empties easily and quickly. 

The Straw Collector saves time and money - and makes work easier!


The Straw Collector has a durable, lightweight and compact design with high performance.

To exploit a skid's capacity in the best way possible, the Straw Collector has a built-in lightweight construction of high-strength steel. This ensures an extra strong design.

The center of gravity of the collected straw is only 40 cm from the machine. Therefore, even small skids are suitable for straw collector.

  • The front arm and the side arms quickly package the straw up in the tower with a pressure of up to 10 tons / m2.
  • Can collect 250 kg of dry straw or up to 800 kg of wet straw.
  • Compact construction of several types of high-strength steel.
  • The machine length is 120 cm. The width is 95 cm.
  • Good view of the aisle.
  • The design ensures easy and fast emptying.

Straw collection (with 4,000 females) usually takes 14-16 hours on the Thyrrestrup Test Center. With the Thyrrestrup Straw Collector, the same work was completed in just 4 hours.

The payback aspects of the investment 

Time-saving straw collection and thorough work. With 10 tons of press force per m2 from three sides,  substantial quantities of straw can be collected quickly. The fact that there is almost no straw waste during the transit is an additional advantage of the hard-pressed straw from the Straw Collector.


Using the machine

The gripper arms are held in one position under the boxes without touching the footing stones. The Straw Collector is operated forward at a constant low speed and working with the front arm in front. There is no need to stop at each rafter. When the front arm cannot push any more straw up in the tower, the gripper arms close and clamp the straw together. Then the front arm is closed and presses the straw up into the tower. This can be done a few times until the Straw Collector is full.