Shelf cart with pull-out shelves

- Used for cooling down mink bodies

  • 2 fixed and 14 pull-out shelves with plenty of space for 150 males or 200 females
  • Faster and better cooling of mink with high air circulation
  • Faster and easier to place the bodies
  • Easy to cut paws
  • Easy to see even small damages, because the shelves can be pulled out
  • Stackable for storage
  • Stable and strong carriage with powerful 16" wheels with 6-layer canvas

Note: Save energy and avoid punctures. Always maintain maximum tire pressure.


Article number: 350 1170 2120

Quickly and easily place the mink bodies

Easily insert nose marks and cut the paws

Large powerful wheels, moved with lever

Air circulation through the shelf cart for the cooling of the bodies

Recommended tire pressure