Puppy net with plastic feed tray

- Protects paws and conserves a warm box


The feed tray is manufactured in PEHD plastic.


The puppy net is 11.5x36" plastic coated, without frame


Measurements: 125 x 170 mm


For boxes with plastic rooms - Article number: 222 0295 0910

For boxes with cage room - Article number: 223 0295 0910


Puppy feeding in the tray ensures uniform puppies. High-yielding females are relieved while the growth is increased for puppies from low-yielding females. 25 day old puppies are ready to eat the feed from the tray in the cages. At the same time, the warmth and hygiene in the cage are preserved.


Advice for growth


We have been experimenting on the amounts of feed the puppies eat every time. The experiments showed that the amount of feed the puppies eat rises after a longer break.


During a long break, they had two to four hours without feeding. That group ate 5 percent more feed each time they went out to eat than the group with zero to two hours of break. It was not only the first meal after the break that the puppies ate more. There was an approximately two to three percent greater feed intake at the following meals.

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