Puppy net washer

- For quick washing of the puppy nets without feces having to be removed first.


Requires no prior cleaning of the nets.

Washing load per hour:

        - 700-900 nets if they are coming straight from the cages.

        - 600-700 nets if they have been out of the cages for 2 days.

        - 400-550 nets if the feces on the nets are dried in.

  • Adjustable washing speed
  • Both sides of the net are washed simultaneously
  • Powerful chains
  • All materials are made of stainless steel
  • Requires 4 high pressure cleaners

Puppy net washer for quick washing of puppy nets without feces having to be removed

  •  The snail at the bottom of the washer removes the feces along with the washing water.
  • Powerful chains lead the nets through the wash cycle.
  • Inside there are wheels and rollers that guide the nets straight through.
  • The washing cycle has 4 permanent nozzles that washes the nets.
  • The washer requires 4 high pressure cleaners, which together provide 80-110 l per minute.
  • The washer comes with frequency control, so the speed can be adjusted if, for example, the dirt on the nets has become dry.
  • Everything is made of stainless materials and the washer has only two daily lubrication points and one annual lubrication point.
  • When properly installed (and fresh nets, enough water and power) 800-900 nets an hour can be washed without soaking.

Tips from Thyrrestrup Testcenter

At Thyrrestrup Test Center, all 10,000 puppy nets are washed and replaced on 25th and 26th of May. It requires two men for the washer, one for transport and supply of the nets, as well as six men for changing the nets. With the cleaned puppy nets inside the cage, the puppies come out and drink, so rabbit drinking cups are avoided. In addition, the nets can stay in the cage longer and they can all be removed at the same time. This way only a few puppies fall on the ground. The box and cage environment is improved and the daily workload is increased.