Puppy hospital



- For small and unwell puppies which are old enough to consume feed


Improves the will to eat, reduces mortality and strengthens the puppies.


Length: 206 cm

Advantaged gained with the Thyrrestrup Puppy Hospital:

  • Correct placement of heat lamps
  • Correct placement of stainless feeding trough
  • Correct placement of water dispensers

It can be an advantage feeding as much as 5 -7 times a day - although with a minimum of 2 consecutive hours without feed a day.

Description Amount
Box with 4 rooms 1
Double leg, in galvanized steel 2
Lock for the leg, in galvanized steel 4
Lamp rack, in galvanized steel 1
Masonite plate 4
Extra masonite plate 4
Water dispenser, special with two holes 4
Water bucket with valves and lid 2
Feeding trough, in stainless steel 8
Heat lamp, type USI 4
Philips infrared 100W light bulb, boosts 4
Socket T6/5 1.5m with circuit breaker 1