Puppy box

- A quick and efficient way to move puppies without a card

  • The box has room for approximately 80 puppies in each of the two compartments
  • Mounted on top of the Thyrrestrup Pipe trolley
  • Good working height
  • Plenty of space for puppies

Measurements LxWxH: 277x49x70 cm

Height when mounted on the Pipe Trolley: 120 cm

Weight: 30 kg


Article number: 362 0490 2270

The puppy box is mounted on top of the pipe trolley, thereby achieving a perfect work height and lots of space for the puppies.


The construction of the box ensures plenty of space for the puppies and perfect air circulation. The lower part of the box is constructed with net in the bottom and sides. The top edge is made of plastic and points towards the centre so the puppies can’t jump out.


There is space for approximately 80 puppies in each compartment in the box, depending on the puppies' age, the temperature and how long they are going to be in the box. The amount of time the puppies can spend in the box depends on the amount of puppies – the more puppies, the less time.


Moving the puppies successfully requires the right temperature and proper ventilation. That is why the Thyrrestrup puppy box is designed with nets in the bottom and sides.


5 fittings for attaching the puppy box on the trolley are included.


Fittings are also sold separately as a set containing 5 fittings.