Pipe trolley with Puppy box

For fast and effective transfer of puppies without cards


  • There is space for about 80 puppies in each of the box rooms.
  • Mounted on Thyrrestrup Mink's pipe trolley
  • Good working height
  • Lots of room for the puppies


Dimensions of the box, LxWxH: 226x49x70 cm

Height mounted on the trolley: 120 cm

Box weight: 30 kg.

Total weight: 105 kg.

From our Testcenter we know that if you want a successful relocation of puppies, it is important to ensure the right temperature and adequate ventilation. That's why our puppy box is designed to provide air circulation and plenty of room for the puppies. The bottom part of the box is made with mesh bottom and the sides and the upper edge are made of plastic. The plastic faces into the box so the puppies can not jump out.


There is room for approx. 80 puppies in each room of the box. It depends on the age of the puppy, the air temperature and the amount of time they should stay in the box. The more puppies that are stored in the box, the shorter the time they can be in it.


There are 4 collectors attached, to ensure that the box is not sliding around.