Pipe trolley with 44 pipes

- No more inconvenient traps

  • Easy to capture and move minks, even for inexperienced personel
  • It is easy to catch and release with the pipe
  • Move the minks quickly and avoid straining your back and shoulders at the same time
  • Protected mink card holder, to which the cards can be attached firmly

Size, LxWxH: 277x49x48 cm

Height with pipes: 93 cm

Weight: 70 kg.


The pipe trolley contains 44 pipes

(ø 14 cm x D 80 cm)

Capturing and moving the mink with a catching pipe is less stressful than using traps. The result is a much calmer atmosphere on your farm with a minimal amount of screaming; furthermore you avoid squeezing pregnant females.


The Pipe Trolley - for a fast and ergonomically correct way to move mink. It has a narrow design, less than 50 cm in width. There is plenty of work space around the trolley and 2 trolleys can easily pass each other on the feeding aisle. With a small adjustment you can easily increase the wheel distance if it is required for an uneven aisle.


Even when fully loaded with pipes, the height of the trolley is only 93 cm, and with only 50 cm in width you can easily look down every pipe, no matter which side of the trolley you are on. Furthermore you only have to lift the pipes 27 cm up to remove them from the trolley. This means you avoid straining your arms and shoulders. Metal plates have been welded on every corner to avoid any sharp edges. The wheel and wheel fork come with ball bearings of the highest quality. A tow bar has been attached so it can be towed by an electric scooter or other vehicles on your farm. The Pipe Trolley comes with wide pneumatic tires of the highest quality.


It is possible to purchase a puppy box which makes it fast and efficient to move puppies without a card.

Advice from Thyrrestrup Testcenter:


Correct tire pressure: maximum 71 psi.

Keeping the correct tire pressure makes the trolley easier to push and you avoid flat tires.

Customer opinion:


-“Everyone should have one, by law” - Lasse Jensen.


Mink breeder Lasse Jensen from Fjerritslev tells about his positive experiences using the Thyrrestrup pipe trolley:


“The pipe trolley saves us from a lot of unnecessary lifting and sore shoulders. Furthermore it is easy to maneuvre inside the mink shed. The pipes are easy to use and you do not need to have particularly strong arms because the pipes are not heavy, unlike the traps I used before. It is very easy to capture mink with the catching pipe.”


“It is significantly faster to release the minks when using the pipes” says Lasse Jensen. - And what especially pleases him is that the animals crawl calmly out of the pipes by themselves when moving them, thus you avoid stressing the animals. He can even move pregnant females with the pipes because they do not get squeezed.