Mobile incubator box

- In the puppy season, everything necessary is at your hands


The mobile incubator box for 12 V battery is placed on the EUR-pallet trolley.

While moving the incubator box around, the water will stay in motion and provide a uniform temperature throughout the incubator.


The Mobile incubator box contains:

• Box for bedding

• Special flamingo incubator with extra large heater

• Room-divided drawer

• Battery holder

• Intelligent charger from CTEK and inverter

• Quick-Lock pole pieces


Measurements LxWxH: 142x79x90 cm, Weight: 70 kg.


Article number: 330 0790 1420

There is space for bedding

The battery is located on the back side

Drawer with flamingo incubator

The mobile incubator box is a device, that is easily installed on the EUR-pallet trolley. This way, in the puppy season, all things necessary are at your fingertips.


There is a drawer, in which the space is divided up, so there is room for everything necessary for going through the aisles, including a special incubator with breathing holes. This means that there is more humidity around the puppies, which ensures also ensures a homogenous temperature throughout the incubator.


Moreover, the incubator box is equipped with a large and long heating lamp with 150 W, so there is three times more heat, which causes a faster and more efficient warming of the puppies.


With the intelligent charger from CTEK you can't overload the battery.

Pga. intelligent lader fra CTEK kan man ikke overlade batteriet. The battery has to be charged when not used and it can easily hold power for 10-12 hours.


 The battery is easy to remove and place on the Grading cart instead. It is possible to add more connectors to the battery.



Lamp - so the area beneath the boxes or in the bottom of the boxes is fully illuminated - easily mountable.



You should turn off the heating unit over night.


Don't forget our Puppy hospital for puppies that don't thrive in the Mobile incubator box. The puppies can be moved to the Puppy hospital when they can feed.

The mobile incubator box is placed on the EUR-pallet trolley

Room-divided drawer for the incubator and the required help supplies

The large heating unit ensures a homogenous temperature

Use the lamp to lighten up the boxes. It blinds the females so they are quiet and the nest is illuminated

The lamp is very bright, so it's easier to see if there are puppies on the ground

Lift the incubator box off and use the EUR-pallet trolley for many other purposes