Mink cards

- The Mink cards give a complete overview and save time in busy periods


The back of the cards is a log.


Information is registered with a simple pencil stroke.


Measurements: 1480 x 1000 mm. 1 box contains 2000 cards.


The mink cards come in a variety of colours: Blue, Green, Purple, Grey, Brown and Orange.

Letters or numbers are only written at year..

The backside of the card is used for log.

The weight is registred by a line.

During sorting the quality is marked by Kv and velvet by V.

When mating a line is made over the date and when mating is compleated a line is made in the white field.

When the female gets puppies the first year, the date is marked by a line is made under the number line, the second year by a line over the number line and the third year in the number line.

The mink card is developed with the purpose of saving time in the busy periods on your farm. The card is easy and quick to use and can be filled in while wearing gloves.


You only have to write letters or numbers regarding year and offspring. All other information can be filled in with a pencil stroke. The card is very solid and you can even write on it in damp weather.


The card is lacquered on both sides so it can be used for several years. The card for females follows 3 seasons and the cards for male follows 2 seasons.


Weight scale with colour coding:

Weight scale is divided into groups of colors.



When mating has been attempted draw a mark above the date, when mating has been completed draw a line in the white area.


Birth date and number of puppies:

The first year the female has puppies a mark is made in the white area in year 1 underneath the series of numbers. The second year the mark is made under year 2 above the series of numbers. The 3 year the mark is made in the series of numbers.

We suggest the following procedure:

  • A male is put in every 7th room. Before the male there are 6 rooms with a female in every room. The oldest females are closest to the male. All the female cards are with the back towards you.
  • When a female has been tested, her card is placed vertical with the front towards you.
  • After the first mating the card is placed horizontal with the front towards you.
  • After the second mating the card is placed with back towards you. This way you do not have to check every card to see which females are going to the male.