Masonit tilting plate

- Improves and streamlines the monitoring of the nests


The plate stabilizes the temperature throughout the day, and you do not disturb the females when monitoring the nests. Heat and moisture are able to leave the nest. Therefore, it is important not to close off with straw under the masonit plate.


The masonit tilting plate is made from compacted wood chips and is produced in special dimensions or in standard dimensions, which covers the one room.


Article number: 905 0285 0450 83

Distribution of masonit tilting plates

Tilt the masonit plate to see the puppies

The Masonit tilting plate provides a more uniform temperature in the nest than straw does.


Enables quick inspection of the nests. 


You can inspect the nests faster and safer and it is less stressful for the females. 

You simply just tilt the plate up and look into the nest.


At Thyrrestrup Test Center we have been able to see that the majority of the females continues to be lying on the nest when you tilt the masonite plate up. Then you can see the puppies drinking.


The Masonit tilting plate is made of wood chips using the so-called Mason method, using steam and pressure facilitating the wood's own glue instead of adding glue (as is used in the manufacture of  chipboard)