Marker strips

- Color labelling gives you a systematic and overlook when you look down the feeding aisle


The marker strips are easily clicked onto and off the front lids and don't fall off if they are hit by the feed hose.

  • Available in six colors: red, white, blue, yellow, green and pink
  • Measurements 25 x 138 mm - fits into your pocket
  • Very durable and indestructible

Box with 1000 pcs., Weight: 9.5 kg


Article number: 915 0024 0138 X6

The color labelling gives you an overview of the animals under treatment when looking down the feeding aisle.


The Marker strips are made of soft plastic and are produced in six colors. Red, white, blue, yellow, green and pink. Each color indicates something different.


The strips are easily mounted on the handle of the front lid, where it is very visible and does not fall down if you hit it with the feeding hose.