Flamingo plate

- 3 cm flamingo plate


 Insulates 10 times better than straw. Provides a closed off and warm ground.


Flamingo plate sizes:

6 compartment box        230 x 312 x 30 mm

XL 6 compartment box   280 x 312 x 30 mm

7 compartment box        230 x 287 x 30 mm

XL 7 compartment box   280 x 287 x 30 mm


A package contains 160 pieces.

The flamingo plates can be removed for cleaning

Room for 3 cm of strands and straw for regulating the humidity inside the box

Masonit plate instead of flamingo

The flamingo plates are lying diagonally. If the mink should urinate into the box, it runs off and drips down onto the floor and can be easily located.


The ground is self-locking, but you can easily push it upwards with the push-up handle to remove the flamingo plate for cleaning the box.