EUR-pallet trolley - self steering

With the EUR-pallet trolley, heavy Euro pallets are easily pushed around on the farm. 


Guide wheels help keeping the direction and prevent collisions with the nesting boxes. 


The trolley provides a good stability and is easy to maneuver. 


In our Testcenter, the EUR-pallet trolley has proven itself to be the perfect all-purpose trolley helping with the daily work. 


Dimensions LxWxH: 120x80x48 cm, Weight: 60 kg.


Article number: 320 0820 1500

The trolley is constructed for EUR-pallets.

It has steering wheels at both sides on the front which help keep distance to the nesting boxes. This makes sure you can avoid damaging the nesting boxes by driving into them.


The fork and wheels feature good quality ball bearings.

The trolley also has a detachable steering stick so you can load and unload the trolley from three sides.

EUR-pallet trolley with puppy net

EUR-pallet trolley with Masonit plates

EUR-pallet trolley with nesting plates

EUR-pallet trolley with straw

EUR-pallet trolley with incubator box

EUR-pallet trolley with Easy-strø

Our EUR-pallet trolley has a wide array of application possibilities; in our Testcenter we use it for the following purposes:

  • Distributing and collecting of:
    • Nesting plates
    • Puppy nets
    • Vindhuse
    • Masonit plates
    • Transport boxes
  • Providing a skid for the incubator boxes