Catching pipe

- An excellent alternative to gloves and traps

  • Spare your wrist.
  • For a fast and ergonomically correct way to capture mink.
  • Makes it easy to capture and move mink, even for people with little to no experience.


Height: 60 cm.

Diameter: 14 cm

Weight: 1,4 kg


Embedded stainless bottom with air vents.

Catching pipe with wide ergonomic handle with room for catching gloves.

  • Using the catching pipe when capturing minks is faster and less physically demanding than using catching gloves.
  • The catching pipe does not strain your arm and shoulder as much as traps.

With the ergonomic handle you avoid damaging your wrist.  


It is less stressful for the mink and due to the pipe's smooth design, the mink will slide right out when emptying the pipe.


You will gain a calmer atmosphere in your farm.