Grading cart - 220 Volt Model 2

Size: L x W x H = 123 x 55 cm to 73 x 165 cm

Weight: 70 kg

- A revolutionizing machine for mink grading.


Acknowledged by professional graders from auction houses all around the world.


  • The light inflow is changed and the light output is increased by 30%.
  • The light is changed to high frequency light through a special reflector that makes it easier to see fine hairs and the color of the wool.
  • This ensures optimum visibility of:
    • Number of overhairs
    • Thin hairs
    • Silky hairs
    • The wool is visible all the way down to the leather.  

Designed for effective weighing and quality grading of mink.

The original Thyrrestrup grading cart is developed and tested at our own test centre.


If you weigh the mink in connection with the grading, you avoid stressing the animal before skinning season.


  • The weight funnel fixates the mink, which means the mass balance is more accurate and it is faster to take readings from it.
  • It only takes between 2 – 3 seconds to weigh  each mink when done simultaneously with grading. The minks with the right size go on to further grading and the animals that are too small go directly into the terminator box.
  • The minks are restrained during weighing and grading which relieves the catcher's hands.


The Grading Cart can be used by a single person who catches, weighs and grades the minks. There can be several people helping with the catching and a qualified person grading the mink. It is ideal with up to 5 persons doing the catching.

  • With 5 persons doing the catching and one qualified person grading, you can grade as much as 4000 minks a day.
  • With an extra weight funnel, 7 persons catching and 1 qualified person doing the grading, you can grade 5500 minks a day. 

Several functions:


In addition to grading, the Grading Cart can also be used for:

Testicular tests

Use the weight funnel for testicular tests and avoid scratches and bites to your fingers.

Blood samples of males

The funnel is moved under the light, where the height of the work can also be adjusted.

The grading cart occupies only 40 cm in width on the feeding aisle. This means there is room for several people working with the machine and enough free space on the feeding aisle for a Thyrrestrup pipe trolley to pass by. The wheel distance can be extended to 73 cm if needed.


Facts about the grading cart:

  • Easy to maneuvre.
  • Adjustable work height, as shown below.
  • The grading area is lighted by four 18 watt fluorescent lights and shielded from sunlight.
  • The compressor for fixating the minks is almost noiseless, measured to only 45 dB.
  • All moveable parts are maintenance free and made of stainless steel.
  • The weight funnel on the grading cart can be moved under the light.

Several settings:

Lock brake:

Loosen brake:

Adjust working height:

Adjust wheel distance:

Customer opinion:


- “The only thing I regret is not ordering the grading cart earlier” - Alex Vestby.


Before getting the grading cart, Alex Vestby used traps when grading, but as the minks increased in size, the old method with traps was getting even more difficult and slow to work with. “Another disadvantage...” - said Alex - “... is the handling of the animals. The traps drained your arms for energy and you also spend a lot of time. Furthermore you could not see the fur properly”. All these problems have been solved with the Grading Cart.


Facts about Alex’s farm:

  • 850 females.
  • He grades his animals on his own.
  • Can handle 400 - 500 minks a day with the grading cart.

Even though he grades by himself, the minks are not in the Grading Cart longer than necessary because the animals are put back in their cage or put down right away. This work process ensures a minimal amount of stress for the animals.


“It is a pleasure to grade the minks with the Grading Cart because it doesn't hurt your arms anymore”  - Alex.